Summer is Here!

After snowstorms, bitter cold, and countless rainy days, summer is finally here! We could not be more excited because with it comes summer style. Here at Lucky Charlie, we have you covered for every summer event. This ranges from hot baseball games to date nights to lunches out with friends. Here are some of our favorite summer pieces and outfits!

Magnificent Maxi Dress

Dresses are perfect for every occasion. They are super easy to toss on and more breathable than jeans. There is no better item to look cute and feel cool in than a dress.
This new maxi dress is simply amazing. The white color and flowy style keeps you cool while the black stitching and metallic detail give it that something special to make you stand out. It also looks fantastic with a bralette underneath if you don't want to battle with a strapless.  

Spend Summer in Stripes

Summer is the perfect time for anything stripes because they are fun while still being cute and trendy; this striped combination is exactly that. Its white color and light fabric give it the perfect summery vibe and the details give you the chance to put your own twist on the recent pantsuit trend. Even though these pieces look amazing together, they are also just as fantastic apart. Pair the outfit with a cute pair of wedges and some bracelets to easily complete the look.

My Favorite Colors are Black, Black, and Black

"Women who wear black lead colorful lives" -Neiman Marcus 
Black is known as THE color in fashion. We all remember searching for the perfect little black dress or an awesome leather jacket. You just can't go wrong with it. The beauty of wearing black comes from how you accessorize it and the detail in the piece itself. It is the perfect opportunity to bring out fun shoes and colorful/metallic jewelry. 
Recently a new sassy, bold, and black shirt arrived at our store in Washington, IL. The ruffled sleeves make it cute enough for any date night and fun enough for any concert, especially when paired with jeans and heels.

Save Me from Summer

Anyone that lives in the midwest, especially Illinois, knows that the summer temperatures can be intense and accompanied by a little humidity. Oh I'm sorry did I say a little? I meant a lot. Sometimes the only way to deal with this nasty weather is to eat some ice cream and put on a summer dress. The dress shown below has tank top sleeves which make it perfect for the hot weather. It is casual enough to be worn with white sneakers but cute enough to be dressed up with a pair of sandals and a few necklaces.

As for ice cream, I highly recommend a vanilla cone with sprinkles. But who am I kidding? When it comes to ice cream, any is better than none.

Welcome to Lucky Charlie

Welcome to Lucky Charlie, a local boutique found in Washington, IL. We were created last year with the goal of offering trendy, fashionable clothing to women everywhere that dare to be themselves in every situation. We see fashion as a way to say who you are without speaking and love creating outfits that portray that message. Join our journey by following this blog for outfit inspiration and by following us on Instagram @shopluckycharlie.